The Impact of Value Co-Creation Behaviour within the Social Media Context

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Esther Bassil Sleilati
Cynthia Jabbour Sfeir


Manuscript type: Research paper
Research aims: This study investigates the impact of value co-creation behaviour on customer loyalty within the context of social media. It also attempts to determine the role played by customer brand experience and customer satisfaction as mediating variables.
Design/Methodology/Approach: Drawing upon the service-dominant logic theory, a research framework is developed and tested using the structural equation modelling. The data comprise the input of 449
respondents from Lebanon.
Research findings: The findings provide substantial evidence showing the relationship between customer value co-creation behaviour and customer loyalty. This relationship is partially mediated by customer brand experience.
Theoretical contribution/Originality: This study expands on existing literature by investigating how customer value co-creation behaviours can lead to customer loyalty within the social media context of Lebanon.
Practitioner/Policy implications: The findings can assist managers in understanding how customer loyalty can be promoted through co-creation behaviours within social media. The results suggest that managers should provide the means which can encourage more behavioural, intellectual and affective customer reviews/feedback.

Research limitation/Implications: The limitation of this study rests on its findings which cannot be generalised to a wider business community as it focuses only on the context of Lebanon.

Keywords: Online Customer Brand Experience, Online Customer Loyalty, Online Customer Satisfaction, Online Customer Value Co-Creation Behaviour, Service-Dominant Logic, Social Media
JEL Classification: M31


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