Deciphering Consumer-Based Brand Equity, Brand Preference, and Intentions in Algeria’s Home Appliance Market

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Amina Elfekair
Mohammed Fellahi
Sofiane Laradi


Manuscript type: Research paper
Research aims: Consumer-based brand equity (CBBE) and purchase
intention are two significant concepts in marketing research that have recently received notable attention from scholars and managers alike. Still, few studies have been conducted in Algeria with a specific focus on the home appliance category. This paper aims to explore the linkages between dimensions of CBBE dimensions (i.e., brand awareness/associations, perceived quality, and brand loyalty) and brand preference and the role of brand preference in shaping purchase intention in the context of home appliance brands in Algeria.
Design/Methodology/Approach: The study conducted a quantitative research approach after collecting data from 294 householders. The PLS- SEM statistical approach is used to test the developed hypotheses.
Research findings: The findings reveal that CBBE dimensions positively and significantly influence brand preference. Furthermore, brand preference positively influences purchase intention.
Theoretical contribution: The study contributes to the understanding of brand dynamics and consumer behaviour in specific market settings of home appliances.
Practitioner/Policy implications: The findings offer insights to brand managers and marketers of home appliances in different cultures, empowering them to develop an effective competitive positioning that crafts customer positive responses and drives sales growth.
Research limitation/Implication: Rather than including only preferences
and intentions, other behavioural and market outcomes may overlook the potential effect of CBBE such as defending negative information and market share; the study was conducted using qualitative and cross- sectional methods, qualitative methods would provide more insights into CBBE and attribute-based preferences.


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