Investigating the Impact of Social Media Marketing Activities on Customer Satisfaction with the Mediating Role of Brand Equity and Perceived Value

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Seyed Masoud Mirbabaei1
Bahareh Ahmadinejad
Maryam Hajmalek
Mohsen Shojaeifard
Elias Laalkazemian


Manuscript type: Research paper
Research aims: In today’s businesses, social networks are seen as an
applicable instrument for influencing consumer behaviour, raising
awareness, connecting with consumers, and improving service quality
and satisfaction. The present study analyses the effectiveness of social
media marketing activities to expand the use of XX insurance online
services and it investigates how social marketing initiatives affected
consumers’ satisfaction using brand awareness and perceived value as
mediating factors.
Design/Methodology/Approach: This research used an experimental
study, using a survey method (questionnaire distribution), to confirm the
hypotheses and discover its management concepts, and uses Structural
Equation Modeling (SEM).
Research findings: The results showed that the social media marketing
activities variable (entertainment, interaction, trendiness, customisation,
perceived risk) has a positive and significant impact on customer
satisfaction, with brand image, brand awareness, perceived value,
and social identity serving as mediating factors. Social identity has an
influence on perceived value as well as social marketing initiatives do
have on consumer satisfaction.


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