Factors Influencing Indonesians' Intentions to Use the Tokopedia Online Marketplace

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Yeni Rafita Sihombing
Jaka Permana


Manuscript type: Research paper
Objective: Many factors influence people’s intention to use online
marketplaces, especially Tokopedia in Indonesia. The purpose of this
study is to explain these influencing factors of usage intention by
simulating the impact of innovativeness, mobility, perceived ease of use,
and perceived usefulness.
Research Design and Methods: A quantitative approach was used
through an online survey and resulted in 250 responses which were
analysed with a structural equation model to test construct reliability,
average convergent validity, and structural model fit.
Findings: According to the findings, mobility, innovativeness, perceived
utility, and perceived simplicity of use are characteristics that influence
user intention. The perception of utility has the biggest influence on the
intention to use something, whereas perceived ease of use has the least.
Implications and Recommendations: These findings have significance
for online marketplaces, such as Tokopedia in Indonesia, in terms of
developing and improving application performance based on user



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