Transformational Leadership and Creative Performance: A Dyadic Analysis of Salespeople and Their Supervisors

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Elisa Alén
Bidisha Banerjee
Bhumika Gupta


Manuscript type: Research paper
Research aims: This paper examines the impact of transformational
leadership on salespersons in India by focusing on how
transformational leadership affects their creative performance,
intrinsic motivation as well as trust towards their supervisors.
Design/ Methodology/ Approach: This study analyses the dyadic
data of 120 employees and their supervisors working in companies
in India. Structural equation modelling was used to test the
relationship between transformational leadership and salespersons’
creative performance, intrinsic motivation and trust.
Research findings: Results suggest that transformational leadership
is positively related to salespersons’ creative performance and their
intrinsic motivation. On the contrary, intrinsic motivation does
not influence creative performance. Findings also demonstrate
the connection between transformational leadership and trust in
Theoretical contributions/ Originality: This study expands on
previous works by looking at creativity in the sales context. Despite
the widespread interest in this field, findings of prior studies have
been inconclusive, suggesting the existent of a mediator. This study
thus fill the gap by providing additional evidence of how intrinsic
motivation and trust in supervisor mediates the relationship
between transformational leadership and creative performance. Practitioner/ Policy Implications: The findings of this study suggest
that there is an imperative need for leaders (such as managers or
supervisors) to stimulate the creativity of salespersons so as to boost
organisational goals.
Research limitations/ Implications: Future studies may be
conducted on a larger and more diverse samples, involving
employees working in other industries and countries.


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