What Tickles Your Fancy? The Case of Technology and Engineering Students Becoming Entrepreneurs

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Fararishah Abdul Khalid
Juhaini Jabar
Mohamad Aidil Hasim
Nur Wahidah Jamaris


Manuscript type: Research paper
Research aims: This research aims to investigate the factors affect-ing entrepreneurial intention among technology and engineering students.
Design/Methodology/Approach: Quantitative data were collected from 210 students majoring in technology and engineering. Data are then analysed using Smart PLS.Research findings: Findings indicate that perceived desirability, per-ceived feasibility, need for achievement and need for autonomy have a significant relationship with entrepreneurial intention. This study highlights the role of entrepreneurship education programme as the moderating variable among technology and engineering students.
Theoretical contribution/Originality: This study expands on existing entrepreneurship literature. It looks at the issue from the perspective of technology and engineering students. The study seeks to determine the role of entrepreneurship education programme as the moderating variable.
Practitioner/Policy implication: The findings of this study indicates the importance of entrepreneurship programme as a platform for graduate students to develop their entrepreneurial skills, which in turn would encourage them to be an entrepreneur.
Research limitation/Implications: Since this study measures entre-preneurial intention rather than entrepreneurs’ actual behaviour, it has to be reminded that intentionality may not necessarily lead to actual behaviour.
Keywords: Technology, Engineering Students, Entrepreneurial Intention
JEL Classification: L26, L31


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