The Needs Analysis in Self-Concept Module Development

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Yusni Mohamad Yusop
Melati Sumari
Fatanah Mohamed
Shahriza Said
Mohd Ibrahim K. Azeez
Mohd Ridhuan Mohd Jamil


This research studies needs analyses conducted to examine the need for a self-concept module. Two types of analyses had been conducted; content analysis and experts’ consensus. Content analysis was conducted to explore the issues of self-concept from the theory and literature perspective. Later, needs analysis had also been carried out to observe the expert opinion among primary school guidance teachers regarding the findings of the content analysis. The content analysis shows that positive self-concept needs to be fostered during childhood. However, studies on enhancing self-concept among primary school students seem to be neglected. In order to develop the module, a study by FDM indicates that the consensus of the experts are:  (a) guidance teachers need references to assist them in enhancing students’ self-concept, (b) the knowledge of selfconcept should be exposed to the guidance teachers in primary schools, and (c) guidance teachers require additional materials and special references to enhance positive selfconcept among primary school students. 


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