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Volume 7, 2
Published Date : 31 Dec 2014

Editors' Note
Che Ruhana Isa

Institutional Ownership and Firm Value in Thailand
Yordying Thanatawee

Monitoring Costs of Multinational Companies: An Agency Theory Perspective
Mazlina Mustapha

The Masters' Control: How Ownership Structure Influences the Communication of Financial Ratios
Norhani Aripin*, Pauline Ho and Greg Tower

Individual Ownership and Ex-Dividend Day Price Drop Ratio: Lessons from the US Tax Act 2003
Babak Barkhordar* and Rubi Ahmad

Information Technology Investment Announcements and Firms' Value: The Case of Indonesian Firms in the Financial and Non-Financial Sectors
Didi Achjari* and Annisa Eka Wahyuningtyas

Does the Foreign Exchange Market Overreact'
Shangkari V. Anusakumar and Nur Adiana Hiau Abdullah*

The Readiness of Thai Accounting Students for the ASEAN Economic Community: An Exploratory Study
Muttanachai Suttipun

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