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Volume 5, Volume 5-2, 2012

Estimating the Risk of Mutual Funds in Indonesia by Employing Value at Risk (VaR)
Nevi Danila

Role and Authority: An Empirical Study on Internal Auditors in Malaysia
Nurmazilah Mahzan, Norhayah Zulkifli, Sarimah Umor

Intellectual Capital, Financial Profitability, and Productivity: An Exploratory Study of the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industry
Basuki, Titisari Kusumawardhani

Credit Guarantee Schemes Supporting Small Enterprise Development: A Review
Ruth-Helen Samujh, Linda Twiname, Jody Reutemann

Social Closure and Disparity in Vietnam: A Bourdieuian Analysis
Lisa Nguyen, Keith Hooper, Rowena Sinclair

Editors Note
Susela Devi

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